Hotel Digital Marketing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

The online travel marketing is developing relentlessly. Did you realize that online travel deals have generated more than 560 billion US $? By 2020, this figure is anticipated to grow beyond 800 billion US$. Moreover, as per Statista, there are more than 60 million people in the US alone, who dealt with their hotel reservations online during the year 2016.

If you want your hotel to be a part of this industry, you should fabricate a solid online presence with the help of digital marketing. Digital marketing in the accommodation business isn’t a fresh thing. Many accommodation properties are already utilizing it to slice through the commotion and reach their target audience.

Here are the best 5 things you have to know in hotel digital marketing.

Search engine optimization plays a huge role

Search engine optimization (SEO), ought to be ever present in your digital marketing strategy. Why? Since SEO creates best outcomes in the long haul, and is the main thing that can help you significantly increase the visibility of your property.

You should realize that SEO doesn’t just spin around making content and uploading it to your blog. Actually, today, SEO is quite a lot more. You should get your website architecture checked; enhance its ease of use and loading speed, etc.

There are such huge numbers of activities that you will need to utilize an expert to do it. On the off chance that you need to keep yourself updated about the most recent changes in the field, don’t hesitate to check Moz whiteboard Friday posts. They share all the SEO news you will ever require.

Your website is still important

Having a website has never been more important in the hotel business than it is today. Since the amount of online bookings is exponentially developing, your website must be the latest. Also, obviously, this must be a nonstop effort.

What is most vital when you need to take legitimate care of your hotel website? All things considered, basically, you need to address every one of the parts of your visitor’s experience. Those are: website speed, ease of use, format, typefaces, colors, and the sky is the limit from there.

There is one thing that is more critical than everything else, and it is a responsive design. Half of all Internet users utilize smart phones, and you need to ensure that you website is totally versatile prepared. Give careful consideration to your website menus, Landing pages, call to actions and forms.

Chat-bots can help you out

If you haven’t heard, chat-bots are this tremendous IT drift. People are finding various applications for them in a wide range of industries, and the hotel business is no exemption. Chat-bots are basically programs – a bit of programming that utilizes natural language handling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to speak with people.

How they help your property? You can easily incorporate them in any communication channel and give a delightful and relentless available service. They can likewise be set up for booking, so that your visitors can do so on the go from their smart phones whenever they want. This fast reserving choice is very helpful when you realize that 65% of travelers book online from their smart phones.

Not just that you will get a free word of mouth marketing help because of the astounding services, however a chat-bot integrated to your live chat channel on your official website will expand the time spent per visitor in this way boosting your Search engine result pages (SERPS).

Smart utilization of Social Media

Social media marketing is a vital connection in the hotel digital marketing chain. Huge number of travelers loves to share their insights, experiences and photos online.

Alongside well known booking websites, they additionally do it on social media platforms. With appropriate tools, you will have the capacity to listen what’s happening via social media and make changes to keep your guests satisfied.

Social media paid advertisements are also a possible option. A larger part of these platforms look at travel business organizations as their important advertising customers. Facebook has even reported Trip Consideration; an alternative that will enable you to target particular customers, constructing your promotional campaign on their behavior on Instagram and Facebook.

Cloud Based Hotel PMS

Hotel management system ( cloud PMS) are accepted as powerful software by numerous business entrepreneurs in the hotel business. While this product can enable you to enhance your organization from within, it can likewise enable you to influence your changes become clearly visible from the outside.

For example, the most modern cloud based hotel PMS empowers you visitors to make reservations online. A solitary screen and mobile ready reservation option will dumbfound your guest and enable you to build your visibility online.

A quality PMS has numerous extraordinary advantages for your website guests. As one example, we can see real time bookings. Being able to check the availability at anytime and book on the spot is the meaning of ease of use when it comes to hotel management. Moving on, you can provide special packages to your returning clients, at rates they can hardly discover on other OTA’s.

Hotel digital marketing is all about building an online presence that offers an incredible visitor experience to potential customers by putting your cash into smart and highly focused on the target audience. At last, PPC marketing can also be useful, if you want to get quick results and boost awareness about your promotions, Last minute options, and other special deals.



The rise of the small and mid-size independent hotel

A family vacation on a resort island in Maldives, a friend’s get-together in Ibiza, or even a team business trip to Singapore, travelling has always been something that everyone looks forward to. The last two decades or so have seen the global population rise, lifestyles have changed, an increase recorded in earning and spending power and youth as well have more access to funds, as they undertake part time work while studying.

More importantly, the hotel industry prospered over the years and international hotel chains established hotels like never before. According to Statista, as of January 2016, Marriott International group was on top of the list with the most number of hotel rooms, amassing 1.1 million rooms globally

small and independent hotel .

A large branded hotel has grown from the challenges that have confronted independent hotels in recent times. Without a big brand’s financial aid and scale, small hoteliers have no other option but to work harder to succeed. Moreover, independent hotels quite frequently lack an international sales force, a central reservation system or nation-wide popularity available to chain hotels, making them even more reliant on the pricey online travel agencies to drive bookings. Should you be the owner of a small hotel, and if you had thought of financing expansion or renovation for instance, you’d know exactly that pay back rates from lenders are no way close to affordable.

However, be frightened no more as traveler perception is changing. Vacationers are not quite looking for that chandelier above their dining table but would rather pay the premium for a memorable experience. Luxury is now shifting from having to being with consumers, transitioning from retaining a luxury item to experiencing luxury. Whilst travelers admired the consistency of a notable hotel chain, knowing that the next Marriott they stay at will always look like the last Marriott they stayed at, it is not quite the same now. They are looking for genuine, local experiences and want culture as part of their stay, which small, independent hotels like yours can offer.

Because of their global operations, quick changes within the hotel chain’s group are not possible and hence, small hotels now have an advantage. By integration with their local communities, independent hoteliers are able to provide these authentic experiences for their guests. There’s no complying with any other bigger brand, allowing such hotels to provide guests with the exclusive and one-of-a-kind travel experience they want.


Wondering how you could adapt as well? Here are few ways. As Mendes Cavin (Founder & Managing Partner, Miners Hospitality) puts it across in his article on Hospitality Net, create experiences. Take the spa experience into their rooms, offering them a variety of gels and soaps. Go the extra mile and a new experience in luxury is crafted for your guests. Moreover, keep it exciting at all times. As a hotelier, keep on differentiating yourself to stay ahead of your competition – provide basic internet access at no additional charge or even offer a better deal or package, that incorporates an authentic native experience to the guest.

Additionally, innovation and tech has brought about numerous solutions to solve issues and ease daily operations, keeping the hospitality business lively at all times. Almost every other hotelier has had to give the slightest of attention to the cloud – capitalize on it. Earlier hotels had to spend piles of cash to get basic technology solution to run their business, but now with cloud there is no capex and smaller and mid-size hotels can get world class Cloud based PMS solution, this advantage levels the playing field for these properties and now they can be better connected and can better control guest experience. This business-building resource that was not anywhere close to accessible or affordable for an independent hotelier, is now obtainable with just a few clicks for set up.

Yes, to operate as an independent hotel is quite a challenge, but the future for hoteliers like yourself is bright. Embrace your individuality, it might be an awful time or the best time of the year, but for independent hotels, change is happening for the better.