Move Your Application to Cloud or Face the Challenge of Being Left Behind

By Prashant Kumar

Mid-sized and smaller hotels have always had a challenging time to make the appropriate decisions when it comes to their IT infrastructure. This is especially true when it comes to the software to be used and how it must be chosen. Business critical software like Property Management System, Back Office Accounting and ePOS for restaurants for example are all possible options for any place of business. Even after the software has been selected from one of the leading software vendors such as Sage, Micros, or Prologic First there are still some remaining questions. The following may be some common questions you ask yourself:

Should I install them locally or have them hosted on cloud?

Does it cost money to hose the application?

What do I do if I lost my internet connection?

Is cloud really that reliable and safe?

The answer to these questions today is much different than what it would have been six or seven years ago.

Without a shadow of doubt, hosted applications are the forward wave of the future. And with the increased coverage available from 3G and 4G dongles as backup connections, there is very little chance of losing access to your software due to hardware failure than to that of cloud infrastructure going down.

As far as data security is concerned the truth is that the security of larger companies like EBay, Sony and Apple is at risk of being compromised and that no one is truly safe from hackers who are working for the rush or are being paid by the usual corporate rivalry and unfair businesses. The fact remains however that these companies were hacked because of their profile.

It is true that there is a monthly cost of £80 to £100 for the VPS or virtual private server, but since the consolidation of their local servers to one single site, they have been able to save the cost of maintenance of hardware and backups.

The bottom line is that you if can have your in house IT department look after the systems, upgrades, and frequent desktop issues, then go for in house solutions if you choose. Or you can take advantage of right timing and leave the old traditional on-site client services behind and move to the hosted ones. The cloud based hotel management software overcomes challenges as said above. Moreover, reports in web based hotel software are not only attractive, customizable but high in numbers also.


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