Creating Technology Trends that Go Beyond Hotel PMS

The convenience business has encountered various alterations in the earlier decade, basically because of frequently propelling advances that completely changed the way we book hotel rooms and welcome the organizations that lodgings convey to the table.

Sometime prior, we were energized when a person from a hotel staff passed on a day by day paper to our room and offered to get us up at a young hour in the day, likewise welcoming us with sweet treats on the pads and a warm and pleasant smile. Today, all we require is the Wifi mystery key.

As new progressions build up, our necessities and wants keep changing, impacting motel proprietors to take their customer organization to the accompanying level and give the best customer experience. The path to an excellent hotel advantage is and constantly has been altered association, yet nowadays that infers something by and large not the same as ever already. What’s to come is positively here, so read on to examine the ways the convenience business is getting a handle on that future.

PMS as the Backbone of Effective Hotel Management

Moderately every motel proprietor these days relies upon a PMS (cloud hotel management software) to regulate and streamline the greater part of their step by step exercises and tenaciously upgrade their business. A web based hotel PMS has ended up being one of the must-have mechanical assemblies for lodgings with respect to supervising ordinary endeavors, especially dull ones that require unnecessary time.

Without a strong hotel programming, motel executives and other staff people would contribute a vast segment of their vitality stuck in loads of records or endeavoring to find their way through in a pack of Excel sheets. Without a fitting neighborliness programming, they would not have much time to revolve around giving their guests dumbfounding organization, also consider the modified advantage.

Regardless, rising developments are opening the approaches to abundance more open entryways for beneficial and intense hotel organization. They are exhibiting that there is a lot of potential past PMS programming.

This absolutely doesn’t infer that hotel programming has ended up being outdated. An inconceivable inverse, in order to take the full favored angle of neighborliness programming, you need to fuse it with new progressions that are changing the amicability scene. If you do that, you will reevaluate customer advantage and extend your salary, taking your hotel to an incredible level of achievement.

Planning PMS with Other Systems and New Technologies

Planning your warmth programming with other programming game plans is an essential progress for making your data more usable. When you have tremendous storage facilities of data, it can be extremely difficult to comprehend everything and manage all of the information you have access to you.

When you arrange your cabin programming with other basic systems that rely upon rising advances, you will approach dynamic dashboards that will enable you to have an unmistakable learning into each one of your data. You will have an aggregate point of view of your customers, knowing accurately what their necessities are, and you will effectively manage your assessing, headways, demand and motel division, accordingly essentially more.

What’s more, you will have the ability to make strong relationship with your customers and animate their immovability, since you can consolidate your hotel programming with nonstop particular instruments. In addition, you will approach reports, examination, and customer overviews and evaluations, all of which will empower you to improve your organization and drive more customers to your portal.

You can facilitate your benevolence programming with a POS structure, portion passages, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, CRS (Central Reservation System), accounting programming, Revenue Management System, Sales and Catering System, Wi-Fi, Mobile Check-In Check-Out programming, electronic locking structure, consequently various additionally programming courses of action.

The Rise of AI and Chatbots

Fake awareness, or AI, is thoroughly transforming the neighborliness business, engaging hoteliers to manage distinctive limits that require a lot of time and effort. AI-driven programming game plans quickly and enough aggregate those limits, giving precise data examination and acclimating to customer correspondences, with the objective that they can give the dumbfounding altered organization and tailor everything to specific customer needs.

Joining your cabin programming with AI courses of action will save you stores of time and money, increase your capability, discard the risk of human bungle, and result in extraordinary customer advantage.

The most generally perceived of AI applications in the warmth business needs to do with chatbots. Chatbots are superb concerning customer advantage, as they can talk with people ceaselessly by methods for online talk or direct educating organizations, outfitting them with minute and material answers for their request each moment of consistently.

As needs are, chatbots are totally extremely valuable to hoteliers, as they free up time for the front work zone and give smart response times that customers expect. Likewise, they give them modified advantage and basically enhance their experience, since they rely upon modernized thinking, that is, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning.

The Power of Mobile

Adaptable advances are vital for the destiny of warmth since they in a flash attract motel guests and outfit them with different options for heavenly hotel learning. Flexible is especially essential to twenty to thirty-year-olds, as they have to use their mobile phones to book a hotel room, pay for the room, take a gander at it and check of a motel, orchestrate room advantage, examine extravagances, and talk with hotel boss.

Enabling hotel guests to faultlessly use their mobile phones for all open in-room organizations is the thing that can profoundly upgrade their motel experience. It can empower them to shape a stunning impression of a cabin that would make their stay extremely unfathomable, and also impact them to need to return again and value the hotel’s perfect organization.

Adaptable mix with your cheerfulness programming opens the best approach to essentially a more noteworthy number of potential results than just holding and taking a gander at and of your motel. It engages your guests to scrutinize through the menu on their phones and easily make a demand to be passed on to their room.

They can in like manner use their PDA for all the in-room diversion (TV, DVR, et cetera.), and to pay for the in-room advantage and talk with your motel staff continuously. They never need to leave the space to get the organization they require, which is extraordinarily useful and precisely what travelers nowadays expect.

Engaging flexible access to your cabin writing computer programs is crucial for your staff as well, as they can get persistent information on their contraptions and basically enhance the guest experience. They oughtn’t to be appended to the front counter or some other spot remembering the ultimate objective to pass on the brisk and incredible organization. They can get to your hotel PMS from wherever and take orders, charge each in-room advantage, direct housekeeping, manage lodging restaurant organization, and generously more.

This is the reason lodgings need to send compact pleasing motel programming plans, and furthermore, create adaptable applications for considerably more unrivaled experiences. For instance, Hilton Hotels and Resorts has a compact application that enables their guests to book their stay, make room requests, take a gander at specials, and even open the door.

However, another splendid cabin programming joining that every hotelier should consider WhatsApp Business. It is an Android application worked for a steady joint effort with customers, and it is perfect for sending inviting messages to every hotel guest, familiarizing them with each one of the organizations you offer, outfitting them with lively answers all the live long day, and offering access to your business profile that grandstands your site, address, and email. This application goes past convenient in that you can send and get messages on your work zone.

As ought to be self-evident, new advances offer stunning open entryways for influencing a complete guest to experience. The inevitable destiny of sincerity obviously goes way past a motel PMS, however hoteliers should not just look past it, yet rather interface it with all the vital tech decisions that are rapidly taking the cabin foundation to an incredible level.

Everything considered, the human touch still remains the most basic factor for the productive motel organization, so finding the right amicability among development and human touch should constantly be the best need of every last cabin proprietor.



Hotel Digital Marketing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

The online travel marketing is developing relentlessly. Did you realize that online travel deals have generated more than 560 billion US $? By 2020, this figure is anticipated to grow beyond 800 billion US$. Moreover, as per Statista, there are more than 60 million people in the US alone, who dealt with their hotel reservations online during the year 2016.

If you want your hotel to be a part of this industry, you should fabricate a solid online presence with the help of digital marketing. Digital marketing in the accommodation business isn’t a fresh thing. Many accommodation properties are already utilizing it to slice through the commotion and reach their target audience.

Here are the best 5 things you have to know in hotel digital marketing.

Search engine optimization plays a huge role

Search engine optimization (SEO), ought to be ever present in your digital marketing strategy. Why? Since SEO creates best outcomes in the long haul, and is the main thing that can help you significantly increase the visibility of your property.

You should realize that SEO doesn’t just spin around making content and uploading it to your blog. Actually, today, SEO is quite a lot more. You should get your website architecture checked; enhance its ease of use and loading speed, etc.

There are such huge numbers of activities that you will need to utilize an expert to do it. On the off chance that you need to keep yourself updated about the most recent changes in the field, don’t hesitate to check Moz whiteboard Friday posts. They share all the SEO news you will ever require.

Your website is still important

Having a website has never been more important in the hotel business than it is today. Since the amount of online bookings is exponentially developing, your website must be the latest. Also, obviously, this must be a nonstop effort.

What is most vital when you need to take legitimate care of your hotel website? All things considered, basically, you need to address every one of the parts of your visitor’s experience. Those are: website speed, ease of use, format, typefaces, colors, and the sky is the limit from there.

There is one thing that is more critical than everything else, and it is a responsive design. Half of all Internet users utilize smart phones, and you need to ensure that you website is totally versatile prepared. Give careful consideration to your website menus, Landing pages, call to actions and forms.

Chat-bots can help you out

If you haven’t heard, chat-bots are this tremendous IT drift. People are finding various applications for them in a wide range of industries, and the hotel business is no exemption. Chat-bots are basically programs – a bit of programming that utilizes natural language handling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to speak with people.

How they help your property? You can easily incorporate them in any communication channel and give a delightful and relentless available service. They can likewise be set up for booking, so that your visitors can do so on the go from their smart phones whenever they want. This fast reserving choice is very helpful when you realize that 65% of travelers book online from their smart phones.

Not just that you will get a free word of mouth marketing help because of the astounding services, however a chat-bot integrated to your live chat channel on your official website will expand the time spent per visitor in this way boosting your Search engine result pages (SERPS).

Smart utilization of Social Media

Social media marketing is a vital connection in the hotel digital marketing chain. Huge number of travelers loves to share their insights, experiences and photos online.

Alongside well known booking websites, they additionally do it on social media platforms. With appropriate tools, you will have the capacity to listen what’s happening via social media and make changes to keep your guests satisfied.

Social media paid advertisements are also a possible option. A larger part of these platforms look at travel business organizations as their important advertising customers. Facebook has even reported Trip Consideration; an alternative that will enable you to target particular customers, constructing your promotional campaign on their behavior on Instagram and Facebook.

Cloud Based Hotel PMS

Hotel management system ( cloud PMS) are accepted as powerful software by numerous business entrepreneurs in the hotel business. While this product can enable you to enhance your organization from within, it can likewise enable you to influence your changes become clearly visible from the outside.

For example, the most modern cloud based hotel PMS empowers you visitors to make reservations online. A solitary screen and mobile ready reservation option will dumbfound your guest and enable you to build your visibility online.

A quality PMS has numerous extraordinary advantages for your website guests. As one example, we can see real time bookings. Being able to check the availability at anytime and book on the spot is the meaning of ease of use when it comes to hotel management. Moving on, you can provide special packages to your returning clients, at rates they can hardly discover on other OTA’s.

Hotel digital marketing is all about building an online presence that offers an incredible visitor experience to potential customers by putting your cash into smart and highly focused on the target audience. At last, PPC marketing can also be useful, if you want to get quick results and boost awareness about your promotions, Last minute options, and other special deals.


Social Media and Hotel business: How to Speak with Your Customers?

Close to 10 years prior, it wasn’t that easy to obliterate the reputation of a business. Presently, one bad rating can bury a business, and particularly so in case you’re in the hospitality sector.

In the event that a customer finds a stain on their sheets or a dirty glass on their feasting table, the following will happen; they’ll take a photograph of it, spread it all around social media, and even visit review websites like Trip Advisor to post their reviews.

Then again, if your service meets or even surpasses their expectations, everybody on the web will know about it also. Be that as it may, you should be prepared for both circumstances and know how to manage them.

Your Objective Is Omnipresence

Clearly, you’re more inspired by how to manage negative remarks. All things considered, the most vital thing for this situation is damage control.

But, you can’t generally deal with each compliant if you don’t know about them. Thus, to know about each awful review, you have to build up a presence on each social platform that matters. The truth is your customers won’t falter from connecting with you directly, so every time there’s a remark, you’ll get a notification.

Stay updated with Social Media Trends

Another essential part of communicating with your target audience is knowing how, when and what to share. This is what to expect in 2018.

  • Videos Are Gigantic on Facebook – The fame of videos on Facebook is intense – if you want to grab the attention of your target audience, you should consider investing in this type of content.
  • Evoke Feeling By means of Instagram – Your Instagram account shouldn’t resemble a list of your services. Make it more human and offer contents that will bring out emotions.
  • Snapchat is about the Present – You should be quick on this platform. So if you need to utilize Snapchat, ensure you have enough Manpower. You can likewise utilize your hotel reputation management software, which we’ll discuss in a bit.
  • Keep It Proficient on LinkedIn – In spite of the fact that LinkedIn is overwhelmed with personal content, regardless it is a professional network, just utilized wrong way. Hence, make a point to utilize it in the correct way and offer content identified with your business.
  • Share News By on Twitter – Despite the fact that there are a few innovations that Twitter will implement in 2018, this platform will still be a news entry that offers precise & direct data.

An Official Tone Is Thought to Be Rigid

Whichever platform you’re on, you need one thing as the main priority – you shouldn’t behave like an owner, yet like a regular, friendly user.

Merriments are fine – obviously, you ought to be pleasant to your visitors. In any case, in the event that you brag a corporate disposition, you will build a wall amongst you and your visitors. Besides, it will be seen as egotistical.

Along these lines, it’s to your greatest advantage to keep it casual – which is the least complex type of communication. It’s implied that you should be deferential and that your punctuation and spelling should be impenetrable.

Put a Positive Turn on Negative Reviews

On the off chance that you work in hospitality, you definitely realize that having tough skin is a need in this profession.

Negative reviews are not to be taken individually. At whatever point you experience one, any kind of negative feeling you may encounter should be choked. You have to act like an entrepreneur and welcome criticism as an expert.

So, when there’s a negative remark, first you have to apologize for the bad service, on the grounds that the customers’ experience is what matters. Then, you ought to be a practical specialist, say that you’ll make every effort to revise your slip-up and that you trust you’ll have a chance to welcome that specific guest again so you can provide them with a top-notch experience.

Monitor Criticism on One Platform

Everything relies on the size of your business. Unless you have a team to manage social platforms, you ought to think about various options, similar to Hotel social heat map software.

Hence, you ought to investigate the benefits of utilizing reputation management system or social listening platforms. It’s an extremely basic yet exceptionally valuable apparatus that will empower you to accumulate all notifications under one roof, which will empower you to accomplish a high response rate.

Else, you’ll need to bounce from tab to tab, endeavoring to get it together of everything that is going on. Clearly, this sort of approach is a mix-up up to happen.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media; bad reviews can convey serious harm to your business in case you’re not ready to lead damage control. With these tips, and with the right tool, you’ll have the capacity to add to popular sentiment and increase new customers as opposed to losing the old ones.



Future Tech Innovations that will Change the Hotel Industry

Staying ahead of the curve with technology trends has become an important aspect of almost any type of business, and when even supermarkets without cashiers are becoming a reality, it is not strange to expect that even the smallest hotel business would have to overhaul their approach to doing business if they plan on staying relevant in this age.

Any smart hotelier will tell you that the competition is growing at an increasing rate, and that even companies that do not actually possess any actual rooms, can be quite successful if their business model is well defined. Changes in demographics are forcing innovation at a pace that has never been seen before, and we all agree that, nowadays, you either get on with the program or get off the train.

Free soaps are simply not enough and introducing technological advancements such as hospitality software that could benefit not only your customers, but hotel owners and staff as well – these are a priority. So, what are some of the technologies that will come to dominate the hotel landscape in the future? For such a prediction, we will not even have to look very far:

  1. It’s Mobile Phones All the Way Down

Let’s face it, our smartphones are constantly with us, in our hand, and making use of that is only a natural move. Why shouldn’t your hotel introduce digital keys that can use NFC technology that is built into every mobile device and use that as for everything – from check ins, payments to serving as room and facility keys? Not only will this allow better tracking of where each customer currently is with the phone’s GPS, but you will see what facilities are used – and when.

This technology has already been in use for quite for some time, so it is cheaper than ever to introduce it to your business, for your convenience and those using your services.

  1. Automation Never Tires

The benefits of hotel management and automation software are well-known. They allow you an immediate insight into everyday processes that happen, how to optimize them and create a truly “smart” experience that will put you in control.

Most of the data gathered this way will help you analyze costs and show you how to increase your ROI – in turn increasing the efficiency your hotel runs at. This starts with the process of booking itself and ends with generating receipts and invoices for your customers when they leave.

This also includes software solutions such as a Hotel Channel Manager that will make sure the room availability is synced across all platforms, such as your apps, different specialized websites (online bookings), travel wholesalers etc. Manually managing such a big number of channels (a number that is only growing) can only lead to errors, reimbursements on your part and a negative customer experience.

Therefore, hotel managers need to start moving away from old systems and move on to new, modern systems that offer better integrations and accessibility, not to mention the latest technology and features that are based on current trends and needs.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Increasing customer satisfaction without being wasteful is a big problem hotels face. Energy costs with all these improvements are also on the rise, and in order to shift to more sustainable practices, some measures will have to be introduces.

The same automated hotel software we’ve mentioned in the last paragraph will also be designed to consider whether a room is heated or cooled based on the physical presence of guests. This information can be taken via different sensors that in no way endanger privacy, such as passive infrared sensors, or based on the position of the guest’s mobile phone.

Furthermore, this will create an illusion of a perfect welcoming experience. When a guest comes into a room, the light will turn on, as well as the TV, while the AC has predicted that the guest is approaching. This can create a lot of savings for you; and despite seeming like a much more luxurious experience, it will actually be a more economic (simply put: cheaper) experience for guests.

  1. Vocal Experience

It is only natural to think that all the rooms will have voice-activated commands in the future. Guests will be able to use simple commands that are already in use such as Hey Siri or Alexa, to turn off the lights without having to leave the bed.

Not to mention that this will allow a much more seamless integration with hotel management. Do you have a problem? A request to talk to the staff? Too hot or too much light? Just say the word and the thermostat will reduce the heating or draw the drapes.

This might not seem like a big step, but it is a step in the right direction nonetheless. This only creates a better experience for guests, and as you well know, that always translates to a bigger profit for hotel owners.


Why Artificial Intelligence is Important for Hospitality Industry?

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” – Bill Gates

As computer technology being highly developed, Artificial intelligence (AI) is now becoming more dependable, by strengthening its stand within the business world. Indeed, Accommodation business which is driven by customer demand is increasingly using AI to carry out every changing guest facing tasks. In this post, we understand the ways in which artificial intelligence is dominating the hospitality business and helping hoteliers to make the most from direct bookings.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a concept that existing since 1950s that refers to performance of seemingly intelligent behavior by the computer machine. In recent times the AI technology has advanced so much that it can be considered reliable to be deployed for essential business tasks.

AI refers to the computer processing tasks that were by traditionally considered to require concepts like automation and big data for performance.

Nowadays, the information of guest data with combined efforts of computer technology is providing huge space for AI, which can be utilized from basic guest service, personalization tasks to more complex problems, Today AI is integrated with hotel software and it can even be used for sales processes, direct bookings, revenue management and direct messaging. .

Need of AI in the hospitality industry?

AI is playing a crucial role in the hospitality industry, mainly because of its capability to carry-out primary human functions at any point of time. This in turn is saving significant money, eliminating human error and delivering superior service.

This is because, guest service is a crucial part of the hospitality industry, with accommodation properties often win or fail based on the way they delight their guests. The potential to improve this aspect was almost endless by using artificial intelligence, ranging from better personalization to customized recommendations.

One of the key guests service challenge for hospitality business was responding to the customer query quickly and artificial intelligence provides answer for tackling this problem. In fact, it has the capability to assist with tasks like data analysis and by collecting data they can effectively learn and adapt to interact with customers.

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Industry?

Even though the use of AI in the hospitality industry is still in early stages, the AI already has several practical applications, few are highlighted below.

  • In-Person Customer Service

A perfect example of AI in the hospitality sector is the use of AI to deliver in-person guest service. We already see the potential in development of robots using artificial intelligence. We see few robots already deal with basic customer-facing situations.

To prove the above statement, there is an AI robot being employed by Hilton named “Connie”. This robot provides tourist information to their guests who interact with it. It is also able to learn from the human interaction and is able to adapt to the individual, which means it will get better as more & more guests interact with it. Impressive, isn’t it.

  • Messaging & Chabot’s

The most obvious way of deploying artificial intelligence within the hospitality industry is for facing guest service. Particularly the technology is extremely promising when it comes to responding to simple questions and requests by direct messaging and online chat service.

For instance, AI chatbots are frequently utilized on Social media platforms, for each question asked on social media can almost get an instantaneous response at any time or day. This is very important to hotels, because hotels need to provide this type of response all time, which is almost impossible to maintain with human -human interaction.

  • Data Analysis

Thanks to AI Technology which has been a boon to the hospitality sector by processing huge amount of customer data which can be available from Hotel PMS. This technology has made the Hotelier to better understand its customers better and plan their strategies accordingly.

Best example for data analysis is set by Dorchester collection “Hotel chain”, which made use of Metis AI Platform to collect data using surveys, online reviews and then using AI technology they analyzed the overall performance.

Adopting hotel AI platform means investing in customer satisfaction and your brand’s development. While the customers get to enjoy the convenience of 24/7 fast and easy interactions, hotels can gain the much-needed competitive edge.

In fact, AI improves the efficiency, reputation, and quality of service, which is why it will soon change the industry standard and a must-have tool for growing hospitality businesses.


Social Media Marketing for Independent Hotels & Resorts


Want to take your Independent Hotel or resort to next level using Social Media?

Using Social media marketing technique effectively will help you see increase in bookings, Returning guests and potential growth of your independent accommodation property.

By using social media platform to engage with your customers will increase awareness about your Hotel and also will encourage online users to book your property on their next vacation.

Below we share top tips to take your social media marketing to next level.

Knowing your guest

Any guest nowadays before booking a stay will probably have done some research online to pick the right option for them. By using Face book, Twitter or Trip advisor you have the capability to understand how the guest perceives your property.

First you have to understand the type of guest, is he for business or leisure, Single or family. Then determine what you want to convey a romantic, action, luxury or budget vibe? It is very important to get the message straight from the start because it is important to set the tone which can be used across all social media platforms.

Once Hoteliers pen down this demographic, guest’s need to be rewarded with special discounts for following you on social media. Also you can request guest to write for you on a travel blog or share their experience in Social Media & Trip Advisor.

Face book Marketing

Facebook is a powerful social media tool with over 2.07 billion active users, which is pretty much useful to increase your revenue & occupancy when used wisely. Guest’s get excited when they are engaged in the posts, contests and offers etc. Below mentioned are few tips to get new customers and also engage with returning customers.

  • A Photo is worth thousand words, It’s more important to choose a cover photo that reflect the location, season & brand message to guest.
  • Display as many Photos as possible – Post as many photos possible so your guest gets a detailed idea of their upcoming vacation. Also this will let guest know why you are awesome all year around.
  • Special promotion – Offer a special discount or offer to each new follower, such discounts can encourage guests to be interested in your services. Also organize contests which can offer them extra incentives by sharing with friends. Use contests to collect user information such as Name, email or contact number for future promos.


Instagram is one of powerful marketing tool & can prove very beneficial if used correctly. Hashtag is the key to success while using instagram.

  • Trending Hashtag – Identify the current trand and what people follow can increase the Hotel & resort awareness to a large extent. Timing is the key here, Use right hashtag at the right time to target right people.
  • Niche Hashtag – Using Niche Hashtag can be used to target specific people encouraged to book a hotel. For example if you’re a theme based Hotel like Ski Resort in Canada, Find the Location-based Hashtags and build content using those keywords. This will give you great opportunity to target the specific people who are interested.
  • Contest Hashtag – Contest’s gets people excited to show how they are interested in your services, amenities and the location. Encourage guests to take Photos of their awesome moments and share with their circles and offer incentives or discounts for best captured moments. Whether they win or Lose, for sure they will remember the moment they shared.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one platform where guest shares there experience with their followers and generate referral. It’s also offers a great exposure to let your guests know what your property is offering. So how do you get your message right in less than 280 characters?

  • Include Links to promotion – Share the suitable amenities you offer for the dates you are looking to get booked by the guests with link to booking.
  • Promote Events – It is important to share any special events or holiday happening around the property to get those people eager to book your property while attending the event. Also use Hastag’s to make it easy for users to find your information.
  • Time your tweets – Since tweets are immediately shown online to your followers, It’s very important to time the tweets. A good time to share your tweets is when people are online and checking tweets like breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Trip Advisor

When it comes to Hotels, Tripadvisor is the important tool used by travelers to compare best Hotels & decide where to stay. It also gives them a chance to review and share their opinions with their connection. Trip advisor allows Hotels mention their Hotel description, available amenities and upload their Hotel picks.

Guest can narrow their search based on destination, property category like B&B, Hotel or specialty lodging, Star category etc. The Hotels get ranked within this narrowed list and further there is also option to compare pricing & availability in various e-distribution channels. So it’s equally important to ensure pricing is accurate and to date.

Get a free consultation from mycloud Product expert to know how a hotel automation solution can help to take your Hotel to next level.


Top Hotel Technology Trends for 2018

Gone are the times, where hotels & motels business was a place for travelers to lay their heads away from home. But for anyone who is in the industry for recent years will know the role of technology and how it is drastically changing the hospitality industry.

Most activities are relying on technology directly or indirectly, which makes IT more important for Hotel operations and guest experience than more before.

So here we share few top Hospitality technology trends in hotel business today. Think of which makes sense to you and if you see an opportunity go out and begin planning accordingly. After all, in hotel business every advantage counts.

  1. Social Listening – Guest share lots about their stay experience, but they always don’t say it directly to you or on feedback forms. Also the hospitality business is mostly influenced by word of mouth and online reviews every day. This is one of the most important trends in upcoming years for hotels to invest in social listening tools. Social listening tools will help hotels understand the guest behavior and jump into a conversion with guest. Some of the social listening tools also help you gain competitive edge.
  2. High Speed Internet – Whether they travel for business or pleasure nowadays guest bring every bandwidth sucking device like smart phone, Tablet, laptop, e-reader they own. Guest expects to connect all these devices quickly and reliably as they used to get connected at home. It’s a huge strain and one of the many best hospitality brands are working on. The demand for bandwidth in hospitality is only going to grow.
  3. Service Automation – Today guest prefer technology over the human interaction for simple tasks. Remote check-in & check-out is the most popular and hospitality technology businesses and hotels have started working together with apps that lets guest order and services right from their smart phones and tablets. The service automation is becoming the basic guest request and this can be done by right automation technology, which will enable staff to concentrate on enhancing guest experience.
  4. Demand for extended stay will continue to grow –Airbnb will continue to be threat to the Hotel industry, but reality is that Airbnb is equating the evolution of the hospitality market in the modern day. This has made an outside impact to think about how we travel.

The extended stay segment is focusing on future expansion with room revenue of close to $11 Billion in 2016.

  1. Expansion of technology in Revenue ManagementThe technology is constantly changing and is ever evolving with the recent one being increased presence of automation. Revenue management system with automation has added advantage and most preferred by Managers. Automation increases the efficiency and helps managers focus on strategy & driving profitability.
  2. Increased direct Hotel Booking – Hotel managers know that key area to drive profitability and to steer guests away from OTAs & book Hotel directly. This increases brand loyalty and regenerates business. It also offers a unique opportunity for marketing the Hotels directly to customers, it also offers deals and up sell additional room services and room upgrades. These can be managed by budget-friendly hotel software which can cloud-based or on-premises.

OTAs are one of the important sources for a Hotel reservation, but they only come next to the direct bookings for a hotel that is looking at maximizing profit seriously. But why guest need to book directly on the Hotels website, is there a benefit if guest book directly instead of an OTA? What are advantages is the one area the Hotel Managers need to concentrate and focus to get guest’s book direct.

  1. Data will still be a game changer– One of the main trends of 2017, we are at the end of another year, but for lots of hotels, data is still under –appreciated and under used. In a hotel industry where providing great customer service is always a key factor and in a industry where guests are highly demanding and have high expectation utilizing data effectively has a very high impact on how hoteliers provide customer service. To get to know guest better customer behavior data is the key to provide unmatched guest service which ensures building brand loyalty.
  2. A continuing shift in focus of mobile – As the year marked yet another significant rise in mobile interactions and bookings and is said to be evolving in the upcoming years. 2018 will see a sharp rise and greater transactions via mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites and booking sites that delivers high performance will notice a significant rise in revenues.

For this reason, Managers will be planning to ensure that hotel websites are updated constantly and are optimized to deliver unmatched customer engagement, performance.

2018, will be one of the action packed year for Hospitality business. We have mentioned some of the important trends that is to be coming into hospitality technology. We wish these trends will help driving success to your Hotel Business.